1st Gear
How to Drive a Stick Shift - 1st Gear
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Here is what to do:  (hand brake off please)
Play the clutch up and down to the point where the car starts to roll.
At the engagement point, feed a little gas and ease off the clutch
The car is now moving!

Get the feel of driving around a large empty parking lot.
Drive at 5mph to 10mph.  

If you drive at less than 5mph, the car will start to hesitate and buck
and try to stall.  As you approach 15mph the tachometer and the sound
of the engine will indicate that it is time to shift into 2nd gear.  
If you apply the brake with any force at all, the car will start to shake
and then stall.  But take heart, these things are unique only to 1st gear.

Why is 1st gear so unfriendly?
The fact is that 1st gear is not designed for driving.  First gear is for
overcoming the inertia that exists when the car is at a dead stop.  
In other words, the only function of 1st gear is to get the car moving.  

Nevertheless, you must get the
feel of driving in 1st gear.  
So if you need to slow the car, apply the break
lightly and come off the
break as soon as possible.  Also listen to the sound of the engine and do
not over-rev it.

If the car starts to shake and tries to stall, you can do one of three
  • gently feed more gas.
  • depress the clutch, then break.
  • depress the clutch, then re-engage while gently feeding gas.

So get the
feel of driving, turning, and lightly breaking verses breaking
to a stop.

on level ground, try easing off the gas completely and allowing the
car to roll along at its slowest speed while executing various maneuvers,
and feeding gas only when necessary.

This is also a good time, now and then, to stop completely and practice
going into reverse and backing up.

And remember:
If you get confused,
slam the clutch down to the floor and step on the
brake pedal!
 This will stop the car.  You will then have time to think it
over and start again.

 Watch the video
then click on the link below:
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Engagement Point of The Clutch
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So now you know exactly the point at which
the clutch engages.  
Congratulations, you’re
ready to drive in 1st gear.
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Still having trouble engaging the clutch?
The car wont roll for you and it stalls?
Here's a trick no one will tell you!

If the car doesn't want to roll for you,
practice on a slight down grade.
Now the car
wants to roll down hill,
and will engage the clutch very easily.

Hold the clutch to the floor.
Put it in 1st gear.
Feed gas to 1500rpm.
Bring clutch up slowly.

As soon as car starts to roll, slam clutch
back down to the floor.  Repeat as many
times as necessary till you learn the
engagement point of the clutch.

Guaranteed Success!
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