We Are Stick Shifters !

We're not like everyone else....

We don't do it the easy way.  We do it the right way.  We are movers
and shakers and doers.  Some of us ride fast horses.  Some ride
motorcycles.  Some of us love to sail, and some fly Piper Cherokees
and Cessnas.  We like the wind and the sound of the ocean.  We like
the feel of the rain and we don't care that we get wet.

We like the feel of the stick in our hand, the sound of the engine as it
shifts down from 6th gear to 5th, and the way the engine responds to
the accelerator under our foot.  

We are stick shifters!  We have big hearts.  We like to see, hear,
taste, touch and smell.  Mostly, we like the feeling of
About Us
Who We Are
What We Will Talk About
        We will talk about anything of interest to Stick-Shifters...

Everything from red light cameras and radar traps,
to free stuff, and getting paid to test drive new cars at auto dealerships.  
Everything from suicide knobs and GPS navigation, to what to do
when the police stop you while driving.  

We will search the web for items of interest, and write product reviews.  
We will investigate great places to stick-shift, day trips, restaurants,
bed and breakfasts, wine country.  

We will talk about auto insurance.  We will talk about professional maintenance,
and do it yourself stuff, so that you can keep your car running and enjoy driving
stick for many miles to come.  

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not meet these requirements this website is not for you, please disregard anything you see on
this website.  Automobiles are inherently dangerous, and have been known to kill and maim.
You are responsible for the successful and
safe conclusion of this endeavor and any actions you
might take as a result there of.  If something sounds unreasonable to you, don't do it!
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"The car is a 1999 Honda Civic DX, slowest
one around. 106HP at the crank, 99 at the
wheels, four wheel drive.
Back up to the curb, yank the Ebreak, throw
it in first, turn the wheels all the way to the
right, floor it...  Once you hit the rev limiter,
pop the clutch and the car will move to the
side.  Let off the gas, once you are about to
hit the curb and you are done.
It works in dry or wet pavement. Wet is
shown, since at times the car does jump
forward, i did not want to crack the bumper."
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