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In your 1st lesson you will get to know the
shift pattern.  But, in your 2nd lesson you
will learn to "feel" the clutch.  

Follow instructions, and you will learn to "feel" the clutch inside of
ten minutes (very gratifying).  After that, everything else; 1st gear,
the other gears and down-shifting, will all be easy to learn.  

If you want to learn to drive a stick shift car, you have come to the
right place.
 Driving a car with a manual transmission is easy.  You  
don't need any technical information.  
Driving a stick is like dancing.  
It is not mechanical.  It’s a sensual thing.  
You do it by feel.  

That’s why it is enjoyable.

Yellow Corvette
Girl Driving Stick
Check Out The Video
How to Drive Stick Shift Cars
with a Manual Transmission
We will teach you to drive a stick
shift automobile.

We will give you information in bite
sized pieces that are easy to digest.  
For safety reasons you must learn
these skills in the order they are
Do not skip ahead.  Do print
out each exercise and bring it into the
car with you.  Follow the directions
exactly and in the proper order.  

Your 1st lesson will be:
"How to Drive a Stick
....The Shift Pattern"
What We Do
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The Shift Pattern
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Easy How To Drive Stick Shift Lessons
It's all about the clutch; the 3ed foot pedal on the
left.  To drive a manual transmission car you must
learn to "feel" the clutch.
Foot Pedals: GAS - BRAKE - CLUTCH
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