Rollback On
Hill Starts
Rollback On Hill Starts
Stick Shift Manual Transmission

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Stick shift cars rollback on hill starts.
Here's how to keep from rolling back
into the car behind you at a traffic light
on a steep hill:

Hill start / Pull up the emergency hand
just far enough to keep the car
from rolling back, but you can still feel
the car trying to  move forward if you
gently feed a little gas.

As the traffic light changes feed gas to
1500 RPM while slowly disengaging the
emergency hand brake.

Continue to increase the gas feed,
releasing the hand brake completely as
the car moves forward.
Find a very slight backward grade, just
enough for the car to give you minimal

With the car in 1st gear (
), come off the brake and the
car begins to gently rollback.

Bring the clutch up to the biting point
feeding just a little gas and the
rollback stops;  

Continue to feed gas and come
    off the clutch and the car will roll

Repeat again and again; rolling the car
backward and forward until catching the
rollback feels natural and fun; then
move on to a steeper grade and do it all
Do this off road where there are no
other vehicles or pedestrian traffic
It's supposed to rollback;
Stop Freaking Out !!!
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Controlling rollback is a part of the
feeling of confidence and ability that is
a natural part of driving a stick shift
automobile.  The guy in the automatic
can't do it; You Can !
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New Drivers !!
For an extra measure of safety;
Let the driver behind you know
about rollback
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